Friday, October 7, 2011

Peace, Love, & A Boho Chic


Hello Beauties,

Today I woke up to a wonderful morning. A warm sun, birds singing on the trees by my bedroom's balcony, and a huge cup of tea. 

I would like to first, welcome you all new lovely girls interested in my blog. 
Thank you for your time & support for me and my little writings ( and videos too :D ). It means a lot to me.
I wish I had one of those :)

This is actually a late post. I have made the tutorial for this a couple of days earlier, uploaded the video a couple of days later, and now, writing this post. That's almost a week long :S :S

Anyways, I have for you today, A simple yet flirty, Boho Chic look. yaaay.

I love this kind of make-up looks.They are usually very easy for anyone to try them out. Effortless chic, that's how I see it :D (I know I do a lot of similes :D ).

Time for a History class!! 

Yep, a brief intro to the origins of Bohemian style. I know that I hated history back in school. But if History was bout fashion & make-up. I would have never leaved the history class!

  • The Bohemians, as a counterculture, appeared in France after the French Revolution.
  • As a minority, they lived very cheap,  and wore worn out and unfashionable/used clothing.
  • They were artists, gypsies (gypsies are awesome & cool), crafts men, & writers; Geniuses of all types of arts & music.
  • Their arts became a part of them, reflected on their clothing, easy flowing hair, colorful scarves, and Multi- strands of beads, several bangle bracelets, and the wearing of hand crafted jewelry.
  • And of course, their makeup was messy, easy, big smokey eyes, nude lips, and an easy face with high cheek bones.


Pictures for this look 

I just want to say one more thing. Somehow the camera makes the shadows look brown. It's NOT. It's Light & dark grey, with a little bit of tan brown to blend & soften the edges in the crease. You will see what I mean in the tutorial (I hope it's clear enough)

With flash & NO lipstick

Different light setting, with flash, different camera

No Flash, No lipstick


Watch me getting Bohemian

Just to show u guys the grey shades I was talking about

Sleek Makeup Paraguaya palette

Thank u all for visiting,

Lot's of Love, Peace & Happiness

Didilicious <3 <3 <3


Alshaikha GhadeeR said...

looooooved it <3

Didilicious said...

Ghadeer, thank u Hun. That's sweet of u

Misha said...

:h Hi love your blog esp the tutorial, Iknow didnt rank them but I like the make up tutorials and any beauty related how to reviews, the beauty productsreviews are an excellent source of info, I have my London shopping list ready ;-).
I'm going to follow your cute blog, please follow

Didilicious said...


Hey dear, am so happy u enjoyed my blog. All ur support is appreciated.
Am also glad that I was able 2 help u out with my reviews.
Pleeeaaasssseeee, let me know if I can guide u around shopping in London. Thats what I do best, hahah
I swear I don't mean 2 brag, but I only shop in London, shopping in Egypt sux, it's either too expensive, last 2 season's fashion or crappy :( :(
Would b more than happy 2 give u tips bout drugs store makeup :D

Misha said...

Dear Didilicious,
Thank you for commenting and following my blog :-).

You should be able to find the black ring in Topshop in London..if it isnt sold out
and the bag si Moschino..I don't know where they are available in London maybe Westfield or Sloane Square?

Next time I'm off to London I'll ask for beauty product recommendations-I'm going to take you up on that offere dear!


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