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My Morning Facial Skin-care Routine


Good evening lovelies, 

Winter is officially here! I wish the whole year would be sea, sand & sun :( 
As much I as I love summer, I still feel excited with the weather changes between each season. 

(Guys, please note that I have started this post about a month ago :( and I never got the chance to post it. this is very old, and late, so am sorry for all the lovely girls that I have promised this earlier)

I love getting out my leather jackets and elegant coats. My cosy boots and warm gloves. Aaaaahhhh, it's still very soothing, and comfy in-front of our fireplace with a delicious cup of hot cocoa and a couple of marshmallows melted in it :D

So with all these changes, comes a very important ONE... 
My daily facial skin care routine, wooohhhoooo :S :S :S

You should all know by now how important it is to establish a proper daily care for your face. And you should all know that this routine should be different according to each season. 

 Today, of course, I will tell you guys how I try hard to keep my skin moisturized, pimple free & as healthy looking as possible. 

 A little bit about my skin type. 

I have combination skin. Naturally I don't have pimples and don't usually break out. It's a bless I guess :)

My skin acts pretty weird, it's normal that this happens, but in a weird way I guess, lol

In the summer times, my face seems to be oily (specially sweaty) all over and not just in the combo. Skin's conventional T-zone.  
On the not so hot days, like spring and flowers and stuff, my face tends to be t-zone oily only with normal cheeks. 
Now when it starts getting cold, my while face tends to becomes normal (not sweaty and oily like in the summer). 
BUT When then real windy, cold winter in here my cheeks turn dry where as my t-zone stays normal or only very little/occasionally dry. 

As you can see, it's a bit of a hassle, but it's so worth it to know your skin so you can use the right products for it.

I mean, having an oily face, for example, doesn't mean NOT to use any creams and to scrub alot. 
On the contrary, this will make the face even more oily. This happens due to the fact that the face feels extremely dry (without moisture & with excessive scrubbing) , so it works more to try and produce more moisture (hence the oil :D ) to substitute for what it's lacking.

Where as, having a dry face doesn't also mean splatting lots of heavy face creams and avoiding facial washes and so on. 
This is also bad, as it will clog your pours and will result in breakouts and dull looking skin. So know your skin and WORK ON IT! 

 Quick fact:

  • we are all born with normal skin (which is perfect skin) but as we grown up and get exposed to different environmental conditions, and changes, our face skin also changes with that :(  don't we all want baby soft face skin (and baby soft butts too, haha)

I like to start with a gentle facial polish or a cleanser. It's not really scrubbing but about products that have much softer, gently ex-foliating facial beads. Am a great fan of St.Ives daily facial cleanser. I like both the Invigorating and renewing. I am currently using the renewing skin.

As a personal preference, I do not like using facial washes in the morning, because I use them at night!
I think it's too much tampering with my skin's natural moisture.
Also, as I wash it at night & put creams & what not, I go to bed after. I mean, It's not like it get dirty so it would need a soapy wash in the morning (I prefer soap free washes). The Cleanser/soft scrub is then just enough :)
I cant stress enough how much I love this, it never dries my skin & really is invigorating :D
After that, I pat dry my face and I ALWAYS,MUST, ALWAYS USE ROSE WATER (or a tonner if u wish) on my face. I cant stress how useful & important this is to use whenever you wash your face (specially with warm water)

Quick Fact:

Rose water works on your face as a tonner (even better as pure rose water has not alcohol and is even cheaper). 
A tonner is used to help close your facial pores after using warm water and cleansing products.
it's important to close your pores back to their normal size, after washing, because if left opened it will:
  • collect more dirt & germs, i.e. breakouts
  • it will absorb more of which ever face products you put after, again breakout and heavy/dull looking skin
  • will age faster and it contributes to having permanent large pores
  • it will lead to dry skin easily.
I never tried doing my own, I always buy it, but you can find some recipes online 2 how to make your own :)

For easy application, I like to put my rose water in a spritz thingy, and after each wash I spray and leave it on my face & neck until it dry. This only takes less than a minuet to dry & the tight, clean sensation is wonderful

Now it's time to replenish lost moisture.....I like to use a face serum and them a facial cream/lotion.

I AM SO IN-LOVE WITH LIERAC Exclusive Active Serum Wrinkle Filling Face Serum.
yes, it says a wrinkle filing serum, and no it's not only for mature skin. (as long as it doesn't say lifting & stretching & stuff :D )

Before I tell you about this, let me first point out one thing.......

Products for mature skin, doesn't mean for old skin. The main reason for wrinkly skin in dehydration. that's why even 20 year olds have fine lines under their eyes. Because it's dry, Not because they are old :D

so products that are made for "mature skin" are basically products for dry skin :D
This stuff is made from a 10% concentration of B-relaxor Complex, a botox like compound. it make my face feels soooooooooo amazing. Its Pricey though (for almost a $100 :s :s :s), but its incredible.

I even use it under my eyes, and the little crow feet under my eyes (unfortunately I have a little of them when I smile), just after one week of use, they became way better, almost even invisible
even those little expression lines beside my mouth, GONE :D

I didn't buy this though, my dad got it for me as a gift, yaaaaay, thanks daddy :D

Tell you something, you do not have to use serums. it's a bonus. Not before you are 25 I guess, and even if you are to use them, you so DONT have to buy expensive ones.

I Love Soap & Glory's Rejuvenating face serum it's about £12 and it's wounderful. you can read my review about it here S&G Product Review

NOWWWW, Face moisturiser :D
I Love S&G's Glow Job, again it's reviewed here S&G Product Review, I also really like Botanics range from Boots. I currently have the one with Marshmallows, their skin calming cream I believe.

As a matter of fact, Garnier makes some pretty nice, moisturising ones. I have tried their Fresh Skin essentials range. 
They have decent products even though I feel that their facial wash is a bit harsh on my skin in the winter times. 

Their 24hrs hydrating day care cream in lovely for this cold weather. very nourishing and it's all my skin needs, even enough without a serum. 

Try their night cream for combination skin, I think (not sure) it's the one from their essential range as well. I can't seem to remember it's name, let me know if you know what am talking about :S

Garnier toner & day cream
So to sum it up about the Garnier Fresh range products, I Like their

1-Day Cream
2-Grape water tonner (gives a nice tight feeling to the skin, excellent for summer times)
3-Makeup remover (it's fine, but a but hard to take off all my mascara with) 

I would like to note here that, I do have a combo skin, but with the Garnier products for combination & normal skin, they feel somehow drying in the winter times
I like to switch to their Soft Essentials range (the pink ones) for dry & sensitive skin. I only experience this with those products only. 
I mean, the Soft Essentials feel just right for my skin in this cold weather :)

Almost, done...

I just need a little bit of under eye cream. This is very important, as it really helps with fighting small fine under eye lines. 
It also makes make-up application, like primers & concealers, glide on easily and establishes a good base for them.

My Favourites are:
  • Botanics organic face moisturising eye cream (yes it says face & eyes but its for the eyes :D )
  • REN Active 7 radiant eye gel (I have a few free samples of this one, it's pricey, but I didn't have to but it, yaay)
  • and, Garnier Essential regenerating eye cream (cheap AND GOOOOOD, excellent under make-up)

Let me tell you pretties a little more about how I like to "save my skin". 

 when I do get a nasty pimple or two, I like to use.....

From left to right,
1- The tea tree & witch hazel night treatment gel is awesome. I apply it at night all over my face after cleansing, and that does it! 
For those of you lucky enough to have a Boots pharmacy (UK/English Pharmacy, but still available in some of the Arab countries), GO AND EXPERIENCE WITH THIS PRODUCT RANGE.
It is unbelievable, a couple of years ago, my sister as a teenagers had a lot of breakouts on her forehead & nose area. she used this, and half way through the tube, her face was already clear. I had to buy one just in case I need an intensive pimple treatment. 

I heard their facial wash, scrub and make-up removing pads are amazing as well, not to mention that it's also very pocket friendly :D

2- The tea tree & witch hazel night & DAY treatment stick, this is so handy. I like to keep this in my make-up purse in my bag. Whenever I get a break out I use the night & day part as appropriate, and somehow, the little sucker's size gets smaller, and smaller, and the next day, taaddaaaa, GONE! no jokes, it's that good & fast. (it does say fast action on it)

3- Dr Murad Blemish spot treatment, this is also good, though after experiencing with the Boots range, I don't think I would have bought this. the problem with this one is that, it kind of makes the pimple bigger before it gets rid of it. It makes all the disgusting gooey stuff under your skin, around the pimple, collect & gather next to each other right under the head of the pimple, then you can be able squeeze it out the "right way".

Quick note: 

The right way to squeeze a pimple out is to, grab a clean towel or a cotton pad, wet it with HOT water, then hold it on the pimple. keep repeating this for a couple of minutes.

After that, the pimple would get hot and the pores would open. NOW, you can gently squeeze it out. GENTLY.
And, please, please, pleaseeee, do NOT squeeze it out until blood comes out of it. this will cause scares.

After all the white stuff of your pimple comes out, hold a COLD wetted towel or a cotton pad to it to close your pores again (rose water helps too)
finally, dab some disinfecting spot treatment, like any of the ones mentioned above.

Quick fact:

  • The oil is active against bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections. It’s used to aid in healing abscesses, acne, athlete’s foot, blisters, burns, cold sores, dandruff, insect bites, oily skin, rashes, and warts.
  • Tea tree oil kills pimple acne and is an ingredient in many acne skin care formulations—cleansers, toners, and moisturisers. 
  • Tea tree oil is considered as effective as benzoyl-peroxide for killing pimple acne bacteria, but it takes longer. However, tea tree oil doesn't cause the redness, irritation, and inflammation that’s common with benzoyl-peroxide.

Random favorite face stuff that I love

AQUALIA ANTI-OX Deoxidising Pro-Youth 24Hr Hydrating Care

Awesome make-up remover, very moisturising too

B B cream is nice, but makes me white/Gray-ish so I like to mike it with a  darker foundation to make my right colour
No.7 Tinted moisturiser is it, I don't even think I need to search for another, the perfect glow.

Quick DIY:
  • Grab your favourite, light weighted morning face cream, mix in a little bit of your foundation. do not add too much foundation, little by little till you get the desired colour/coverage. Now you have your home-made tinted moisturiser :)
  • If you don't know how the results will be or don't want to risk mixing your face cream & not liking it after. make a test sample, use a little of your cream & foundation & mix in a different container. if you like the result, then you know what to do!

This is an old picture, I don't have it now. it feels heavenly under your eyes and works as  a very good make-up base. It has mineral water & aloe vera

I Like this Protective face lotion, belongs to the same range as the eye stuff, but I would have to say that there are cheaper alternatives.  Its very nourishing & satisfying  for my face :D

My only problem with this is that the jar is a bit small for its price, but I have to say that you only need very little of this.

Pure blessing in a jar, if you havent tried any of the Burt's Bees products before, start with this one. you can really feel the honey on your face!

That's it :D
Hope you find this helpful, let me know about your feedback and comments.

If you have tried any of the products mentioned in this post, or something similar, I would love to hear about your experience. It's pretty nice when I can share with you beauties :D

Have a very lovely evening.
Missed you all since I last blogged, will do my best to post more

Truly Yours
Didilicioussss <3 <3 <3

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Peace, Love, & A Boho Chic


Hello Beauties,

Today I woke up to a wonderful morning. A warm sun, birds singing on the trees by my bedroom's balcony, and a huge cup of tea. 

I would like to first, welcome you all new lovely girls interested in my blog. 
Thank you for your time & support for me and my little writings ( and videos too :D ). It means a lot to me.
I wish I had one of those :)

This is actually a late post. I have made the tutorial for this a couple of days earlier, uploaded the video a couple of days later, and now, writing this post. That's almost a week long :S :S

Anyways, I have for you today, A simple yet flirty, Boho Chic look. yaaay.

I love this kind of make-up looks.They are usually very easy for anyone to try them out. Effortless chic, that's how I see it :D (I know I do a lot of similes :D ).

Time for a History class!! 

Yep, a brief intro to the origins of Bohemian style. I know that I hated history back in school. But if History was bout fashion & make-up. I would have never leaved the history class!

  • The Bohemians, as a counterculture, appeared in France after the French Revolution.
  • As a minority, they lived very cheap,  and wore worn out and unfashionable/used clothing.
  • They were artists, gypsies (gypsies are awesome & cool), crafts men, & writers; Geniuses of all types of arts & music.
  • Their arts became a part of them, reflected on their clothing, easy flowing hair, colorful scarves, and Multi- strands of beads, several bangle bracelets, and the wearing of hand crafted jewelry.
  • And of course, their makeup was messy, easy, big smokey eyes, nude lips, and an easy face with high cheek bones.


Pictures for this look 

I just want to say one more thing. Somehow the camera makes the shadows look brown. It's NOT. It's Light & dark grey, with a little bit of tan brown to blend & soften the edges in the crease. You will see what I mean in the tutorial (I hope it's clear enough)

With flash & NO lipstick

Different light setting, with flash, different camera

No Flash, No lipstick


Watch me getting Bohemian

Just to show u guys the grey shades I was talking about

Sleek Makeup Paraguaya palette

Thank u all for visiting,

Lot's of Love, Peace & Happiness

Didilicious <3 <3 <3

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