Sunday, January 29, 2012

L'Oreal RevitaLift, The Verdict


Good Evening Lovelies,

I have taken ages to tell you all about what I think of the L'Oreal RevitaLift night cream and under-eye cream. I did that just to be sure of my verdict.

Am going to try and make this post short, sweet, & to the point :)

Let me start with the eye cream, seriously, WOOOW.
I mean, I love it, love it, love it. First things first, I really like the texture, it is easily absorbed under my sensitive delicate eye. It doesn't sting my eye. I have tried several other products and they all seem to burn under my eye after cleansing (washing or using make-up remover). I came across some creams that feel like you have applied Tabasco right under your eyes. I can't remember the name of that La Prairie under eye cream sample I had before. It was horrible, I had to run to the bathroom to wash my eyes and it still wouldn't stop burning! So the L'Oreal is very gentle.

Now to the most important part, Does it really work? is it really a mini-eye lift in a tiny jar. drum roll please.......

YES IT DOES. I have some crow feet looking skin when I smile on the sides of my under eye area. It is mostly from de-hydration & laziness. But, they are about 80% gone now in a little over 3 weeks. 
This wrinkle smoothing effect I have ONLY experienced once before with the Lierac Serum I have talked about here. The best part is, L'Oreal is only 1/4 of the price. yaaaay :D

So the effects for me where smooooothing, hydrating, & healthy looking under eye area. And, just because I love you guys, I am going to tell you about my mother's experience with it too :D (of course she had to try the new creams I just got back home).

For mature skin, it is very effective. Actually the real results of this cream appears on more problematic skin types. My mum is 47, & has a very healthy life style, but there is no escape of the dreadful wrinkles & ageing.
So she tries it for the same 3 weeks I did, and she noticed very visible changes.
Her under-eye is more smooth looking, less crow feet, with a fuller/tighter skin appearance look. 
Not just that, I caught her the other day applying the EYE cream on her expression lines (around her mouth & on her forehead) and she LOOOVVEESSS it. she swears it's very effective, and I have to tell you, the results are very noticeable.

Bottom line, BUY THE EYE CREAM. it is so worth the price. My only comment is that I think this will only be a winter under-eye cream for me. It kind of leaves a slight sticky feel under your eye. You can only fell that if you touch it. It really doesn't bother me though. 
There are worse, & I don't care :), it's such a small downside for all the results in return.

Moving on to the night face cream. 

This is quite lovely as well, the first thing I noticed about it is the glow. It gives my face such a lovely glow the next morning. I have noticed this after the first 2 days of using it. 
It is nicely absorbed with little residuals, & my recommendation for that is to apply it an hour before you go to bed (you don't have to though). 
Again, as with the eye cream, this is probably going to stay in my winter kit. I know that it will be heavy for my skin in the summer times to absorb. It is working perfectly now with my normal/dry winter skin :D (oily/combo in the summer :S ).

I did expect more from it though, but I think I know why it didn't do much filling or lifting for me, Why??? Because I don't need any!! But I have to say that it feels lovely on my face, very nourishing. Maybe I was expecting it to wipe out my two tiny expression lines next to my mouth (1 on each side). I know, it's stupid & doesn't show, but PERFECTION! :D :D

As with my mum, she again quite likes it. she has finished almost half of the jar :S Good for you mum :D
And yes, the results are more effective and visible for mature skin. A more filled up face, it kind of makes her look like she had a very well done mini lift and plump action.
one more thing, both creams will last you forever. If I have been using them alone, I would say around 3 months usage out of both :D

So, If you are looking for a quick fix, these two are an excellent choice. Am so happy both turned out to be that good. doesn't it feel great when you buy something and then know for sure that it's money well spent?! They do what they say, reduce the appearance of wrinkles :D

Completely random but, don't you just love these Chirstian Louboutin? I think they are to die for, aaaahhh. would you wear these? occasionally maybe? let me know :D :D

Have a happy, wrinkle free face & life & may you all have new pink shoes :D

Truly Yours,

Didilicious <3 <3 <3

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