Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do's & Don't (requested by Monica :D )



Do take your make up off every night before you sleep
Do moisturise day and night (a slightly richer/heavier cream for the night)
Do apply an under eye cream (even if it’s a simple soothing cream)
Do weakly facial masks
Do sun tan SAFELY (mornings until 11:00 and from  4:00 in the afternoon)
Do change perfumes between summer (light ones) and winter (warmer, heavier ones)
Do feet scrubs weekly
Do deep clean your makeup brushes twice a month and spot clean them after every use
Do use hand moisturizers (I love Vasiline hands  nails)
Do change your powder blush to a cream one or a cheek tint (softer for summer)
Do gently buff your nail, as part of a weekly care routine, & file them lightly every 2 days.
Do find a beauty regime that's right for you (morning and night)
Do trim your hair about 1 inch every 2 months (no more split ends)
Do throw away old make up, it has bacteria that will give you bad skin.
Do put eyeliner properly, please fill in the gaps between the liner and your lash line (if u cant, just use eye shadow on top or instead)
Do curl your lashes before mascara (remember to open it completely before you pull it out), it makes the best out of your mascara
Do smile and laugh as much and as hard as you can, it gives you a healthy heart and a glowy face.
Do drink plenty of water, it’s excellent for your internal system, soft skin, & radiant face.
Do use a shaving cream (when shaving your legs or whatever :D ), if you run short of it, use a hair conditioner.
Do wear heals with skinny jeans ;)
Do wear more orangey, peachy, coraly, bronzy, and gold shades of make up in the summer.
Do hair condition after every wash, and deep condition once a week (hair mask)
Do apply a skin moisturizer after every shower
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Do body scrubs weekly (a simple one is made of brown sugar, olive oil & cinnamon)
Do use a facial toner (or better, pure rose water with no alcohol, it does wonders to the skin)
Do know your skin type & use products that match.
Do get messages whenever you can
Do use hot hair oil treatments ONLY on your scalp, they are made to nourish the roots of your hairs (otherwise it will dry out your hair)
Do apply a heat protective hair serum before apply any heat source.
Do use baby oils after showers while your skin is still slightly wet.
Do always have neat trimmed eyebrows, they frame your face
Do set all your liquid make up with powder. Foundation & concealer/Powder, Eyeliner/Eye shadow, etc.
Do always apply a protective base coat on your nails before any nail polish. Keep the polish on longer by applying a top coat when your done.
Do wear false lashes on occasions (or on a normal day for extra glamour ;) ) BUT PLEASE WEAR THEM PROPERLY, NO ONE WATS TO SEE THEY ARE FAKE :D
Do try a classic pin up look; red lips, black liner & a soft contoured face

wear it before make up too

And please just Don’t

Don’t forget sunscreen (summer AND winter)
Don’t use metal nail files; they will break your nails
Don't cut fingernails with scissors or clippers, just file them
Don't ever allow your skin to burn in the sun. (The damage made is irreversible, sun spots, discoloration)
Don’t bite your finger nails or the skin around it (cuticles)
Don’t touch your face all the time, the germs from your hands will clog your pores and gives you pimples.
Don’t cut your cuticles; just push them backwards after applying cuticle oil (or some olive/almond oil).
Don’t fuss too much about your hair style in the summer, messy big hair is always sexy.
Don’t use disposable shaver more than 2-3 times maximum
Don’t apply heavy eye and cheeks and lips make up. Choose only a mix of two if you have too.
DON’T WEAR A LIGHER FOUNDATION THAN YOU ARE (one shade lighter is ok, as long as it doesn't show & blend it down your neck please)
Don’t wear too light under eye concealers they will look fake and grey.
Don’t wear a lipstick that is a different colour than your lip liner (unless you want to be mistaken for a stripper), like, don’t wear a brown lip liner and a purple lipstick. NO!
Don’t over use teeth whiteners, they have strong abrasives that will strip your teeth off calcium
Don’t pop a zit/pimple, it will leave a scar and could spread to the rest of your skin
Don’t leave mascara smudges on your eye lids after application
Don’t bleach/dye your hair too much, it will damage your hair AND you’ll grow white hair faster :(
Don’t put your lap top on your lap!! not for long, not for a little while, it causes skin cancer. (my sweetheart taught me this)
why leave them to look like this!!!

Don’t leave your old nail polish on looking cracked and chipped, it looks really bad. The least you could do is remove the old colour & just apply a shinny clear coat.
Don’t wear dark colours all the time; you will be amazed at how a little pink, red, orange or yellow would do to your look.
Don’t tease your hair with a comb, use a round brush instead. It will even give you more volume.
Don’t peel off your old nail polish; you peel off a layer of your nail while doing so.
Don’t use too much hair spray, & when you do, wash it off/brush it out ASAP.
Don’t leave your mascara clumpy, don’t put too much on your lower lashes or you will have spider eyes :S
Don’t wear all the accessorise you have at once. Match earring with a bracelet or some rings, or a necklace with bangles or rings.
Don’t wear plastic accessorise with metal ones. Or gold metals with silver ones. Only do so if you can pull of a rocker chic look :D

And of course,

Thank you very much lovelies <3 <3 <3


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