Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Miracle Facial


Does your skin feel dry, pimply :P, and lacks it’s natural glow?

The answer is HONEY. I have used it many times on its own (a very simple face mask, just put honey on your face and leave it 10 min and your done) or mixed with other ingredients. I like to use a facial mask of Honey and grapes (specially in the summer times) as it gives my face the right amount of moisture (without making it oily) and tightness. 

Honey works great to absorb and retain moisture, no wonder why it is a main ingredient in many beauty products! 

It is also very rich in natural antioxidants, which fights free radicals from ruining your face. It also has anti-microbial properties which helps in the treatment of mild acne specially the ones caused by hormonal changes.

Grapes are filled with alpha-hydroxy acids - the ingredient found in many skin firming and anti-wrinkle creams. It also Helps with oily skin as it tightens the skin and pores. eat some while you are preparing this, they are good for whitening your teeth (because they contain malic –acid).

This is how I do it

First, Mash 6-7 well washed grapes (red or green, doesn’t matter);
Second, add 1 ½ - 2 teaspoons of honey (please, use a wooden or plastic spoon because metal spoons will make the honey lose all of its properties).
Mix it well, it will NOT have a sticky consistency, it’ll be watery/runny. Now, It’s ready for application.

What I like to do is to wash my face first with St.Ives apricot facial cleanser (the best ever), I rub it on in an upwards circular motion, then i like to use my cleansing sponges for an extra cleansing effect. 

I pat dry my face, then i apply the mask.
I leave it on until my face feels sticky and tight, the watery feel should go away. It take approximately up to 10-15 min. wash it off with luck warm water (no soap) 

Now, apply some toner (optional here, since grapes are great toners) and then your favorite moisturizer (I like to leave my face without and creams for 20 min after this mask) and your all good :D

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Didilicious said...

One more thing, after you make this mixture, you will have some left. Keep it in the fridge and cover it with a plastic wrap. you can use it for the next 3 days in the morning when it's cold. u know when sometimes you look at your face in the morning and you feel it's kind of swollen (that is normal) well, this will take the puffiness away

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