Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anything for you lovelies


Good afternoon Beauties, 

How are you all doing? Feeling Beauty-Full I hope :D 

I have been woundering lately what would my next post be. 

I though I should ask you all what you want. After all this blog is for you, and meant to involve around what you need. My only part here is to present a humble & professional opinion/review/tutorial etc To please you all darlings. 
Don't you always love to see that word?! , I know I do

I am more than happy to receive any request you want. Beauty related, makeup, DIY, body or facial care, nail polish tutorial, anything pretty much. Just name it. 
I love the blue here, smokey blue eyes are so in  AW11

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Please comment below on what you would like to see coming next. 
An Autumn fairy to embrace the spirit of the falling leaves :D
even though it's still very hot in my country  

Write down as many requests as u want, just rank them from the most preferrable to the least important. 
1- hair style 
2- DIY body scrub 
3-how to .... 
4-Back 2 School makeup , And so on.
Can't wait to read what you all want.

Lots of love 
Didilicious <3 <3 <3


Sherwette Mansour said...

Alright, here we go:
Skin > I guess it's not so dry not so greasy so I am not sure in which category it falls.
Pimples > Very few and grow every once in a while.
I think the face is just a little dull... So anything to make it look brighter? ;)

Didilicious said...

Hey dear,
Ur skin, ur sayin not 2 dry nit 2 greasy. Am guessing u hav combination skin like me. But tell me first. Where does it get greasy? Is it more on your forehead and down your nose. Or all over
Does it get dry on your cheeks?
Is it more greasy (hahaha I lov that word lol) in the summer than the winter? Do the oily parts get to be normal or dry in winter?
Dull skin, no problem I can let u know bout a couple of steps to help with that. But i still need more about ur skin to determine the right type of products. Answer each question, take ur time.
I'll b waiting :D

Sherwette Mansour said...

I think it's the combination, gets greasy on the forehead and nose. The cheeks are okay but still are super dry on the winter. :D

Didilicious said...

Yes, this is definitely a combo skin. Tell u what.
Since it's the same as my skin, am already working on a post bout my morning & night facial care routine.
Like whatbindo, what i use 4 wash, how many times, how to moisturize and the products I use and stuff.
It should be up in a couple of hours. It shuld help u a lot, I guess :)
Read that when it comes out and then we'll c if u still have questions :D

Sherwette Mansour said...

Alright cool, but just know I already use the facial foam, wash, makeup remover, weekly scrub and still I don't like it :( Waiting for your post ;)

Didilicious said...

Which ones do u use? They might b too harsh for ur face.
Also u mentioned nothing bout face moisturizers.
Mostly dull face is a result of poor hydration, sun damage, lack of sleep, and over washing & scrubbing :D

Sherwette Mansour said...

No Moisturizers and no sun block :|

Didilicious said...

No no no
R y serious. U need a morning cream, night cream (slightly richer/thicker consistency), and under eye cream, sun bolck and weekly hydrating/nourishing masks :D

Sherwette Mansour said...

yup :( but I get lazy every time I want to choose a brand or something :P

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