Monday, September 12, 2011

Girly Back to school makeup tutorial


Good Morning Beauties,

How are you girls? am always super excited when am posting, videoing, editing or thinking anything for you guys :) BIG NEWS FOR ME: been requested the first makeup tutorial. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

A back to school makeup by Sabreena D. on 
Of course this is also for all of you lovelies, waking up in the morning, getting ready for a long day, of studying, concentrating, information and what not :D so the least I can do for you hard working students :D is to help you do it in glamour. 

you owe to look pretty while studying, hahaha. That could also help with grabbing the attention of that cute guy, sitting almost next to you in class :D


Six years ago, when I was a High school senior, I never really wore makeup to school. It wasn't allowed (well, as long as the teachers can't see it, then you are on the safe side)

All I would really do is apply some concealer under & above my eyes, a purple eyeliner (to bring out my hazel eyes), a lip balm and a little bit of a matte blush.

For this look, I have concentrated on a dewy/fresh face (no foundation or a tinted moisturizer). softly defined cheeks, doll-like eyes and sexy pout.

sorry for the bad photo, had lighting issues, lol

you can definitely skip the hot pink lips, and go for a more subtle baby pink lips or just a gloss. but keep it on the pink side so it ties up with your cheeks & eyes.

Products I have used

1-L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-dull skin primer in medium (thank you Ayshe, my BF, for buying me another one of those)

2- Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in no.4 Deep

3-MUFE high definition concealer in 340

4-Loose powder

5-VS Bronzer from their ultimate makeup kit (it's not too chocolaty of a bronzer, it's soft enough to blend pink on top of it)

6-Famous blush in shade 3 Country rose (which has a highlighter too)
I am so in love with this blush, it is so pigmented and lasts ages even if you apply it straight to your pretty face
the highlighter is fab. too it really brings out the pink of the blush

7- Maybelline Color sensational no 175 Pink punch (this is sooooooo my new Favorite lip colour)
look at the colour goodness, I LOVE IT, HOT!

8-Benefit moon been highlighter 

9-Arch De Triumph (only used the highlighter part of the pen inside my water line)
Note: I find the Arch De Triumph brow and highlighter pencil duo very good to use in my water line (the white pencil part I mean) because it has a bit of a soft rose colour to the off white colour. it doesnt make it too harsh or scary inside my eyes.

for more review on this and other Soap & Glory products, please follow

I really hope you find this useful, give it a try and let me know how it was. you DO NOT HAVE TO USE ANYTHING I HAVE USED. the only thing that matters is the technique (the steps and stuff :D )

Makeup is fun, so make sure you are having fun. please don't go out buying everything I mention here, you can use anything similar that you have. even mix colors to get your desired shades.


Truly yours,
Didilicious <3 <3 <3

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