Thursday, September 1, 2011

I love you sexy fingertips ;)


Heya Beauties,

How are you girls and how are your nails? Not in a good shape? Feeling weak & brittle? Are they yellow & stained from a lot of nail colouring?

The solution to all this is very simple, and it goes like this: Garlic, Lemons & Olive oil.

I am sure that many of you have heard about the benefits of Garlic and how it helps whitening your nails & make them stronger.

Quick Fix: chop a clove of garlic, DO NOT SQUEEZE THE JUICE OUT CHOP THEM GENTLY :P, and then drop them into a clear nail polish. Leave the polish with the garlic for 2 days, after that, your old regular nail polish becomes a strengthening solution. The next morning, you can start using it as you normally would.

Lemons contain vitamins and minerals such as; Vitamin B, A, phosphorus, copper, iron, calcium, potassium and antioxidants. They are great for to strengthening your nails.

Quick Fix: Rub ½ a lemon into your nails for a few minutes daily.  Wash your hands about 5 to 10 minutes after you have finished.  This is a very effective way of dealing with weak, soft nails.

As for the Olive Oil, it keeps them moisturized, shinny, helps build strong fingernails and softens the cuticles. Keeping the moisture in your nails is very important as it’s one of the factors that, if maintained right, will prevent your nails from breaking and chipping :)

Quick Fix: Warm a small dish of olive oil (DO NOT HEAT IT OR IT LOSES IT’S BENEFITS) with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Soak nails for 5- 10 minutes. This softens cuticles while it strengthens nails.

Do you want the COMBO?
I have used these three ingredients over the years, and whenever I kind of get lazy and stop using the for a while, my nails break :(
This method is time saving and it COMBO-ines :P the benefits of the three all together.

What I like to do while am sitting watching TV is to: chop  ½  a garlic clove and I keep on rubbing it on my nails till the garlic has no more juice in it to rub on my nails ! I then leave it to dry for 10 min.

After that I grab ½ a lemon & I rub it on my nails directly on top of the garlic. Again, keep on rubbing it till the juice of the lemon runs out! Leave on for about 5 min until dry on your nails. Note: the lemons will help take away the garlic smell.

Then, grab some extra virgin olive oil (the extra virgin means that it has been cold pressed, i.e. it still has all its benefits) and rub it on your nails & cuticles, also above the lemons & garlic. Leave on for 5 min. Then wash with water and a nice scented soap.

Now for extra care and softness, apply some more olive oil to your nails & cuticles. Slowly push back the cuticles. Leave it on your nails for as long as you can. Leave it to completely dry if its possible. Only use a few drops so they would dry easily. You can also apply some on your hands to moisturise them.

Finally, apply 2 coats of your favourite top coat/nail hardener, and Voila.
You are done lovelies,

Quick Fix: Don't have a hand moisturiser? no problem,  just mix 3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil and squeeze on them two Vitamin E capsules (can be bought at any pharmacy), mix it well with a clean something :D and keep in a container for everyday use. 
Don't like to keep olive oil on your hands for long? Again, No problem, mix the Vitamin E capsules with some of your favorite body lotion. And Ta-Daaa

Must know for nails:
  • The sun can weaken & break your nails, make sure your sun block is rubbed on your nails as well.
  • house chores & using alot of water with bare hands is damaging to your nails & hands too. use rubber gloves when cleaning around or making the dishes.
  • drink plenty of water, if your body is dehydrated, your nails will break (so as for your hair and your skin will look dull)
  • Food rich in potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin B are especially good for your nails. Almonds, garlic, spinach celery, yogurt, eggs and seafood are good for your nails.
  • Always moisturize your hands, nails & cuticles. keep some hand cream next to your bed and apply it every night before your sleep. you will notice the difference in a week or so.
  • Don't peel your old nail polish and don't pick on your nails and chew on your cuticles; this is really bad for the health of your nails.
  • take some Multi-vitamins, they really help. But take them regularly in the morning after breakfast so you notice the difference.
Did you know?
A healthy fingernail takes about six months to grow out completely and Men's nails generally grow faster than women's :S WHYYYY??? They don't need them :S :S :S

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Have a sexy, bright, strong days :D
Didilicious, <3 <3 <3


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